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Spam and Unsolicited Email Policy

WebMyStyle and it's affiliates are just as frustrated with the ridiculous amount of unsolicited email that is sent every day to both our employees and customers.  Spam represents our biggest challenge in the web hosting industry, and is one that is continually evolving.  WebMyStyle is committed to finding new and improved ways of managing Spam and eliminating it where possible.

Currently WebMyStyle uses SmarterMail Software for our web hosting customers.  SmarterMail provides a variety of tools that each customer can tailor in the fight against spam.  Each customer can choose to block, delete or ignore any email that is potentially marked as spam.

WebMyStyle also prohibits any customer from using any of WebMyStyle's servers, software or facilities to send Spam or Unsolicited email's.  If a customer is reported as sending such email, they will be warned and then disabled if the activity does not cease.  WebMyStyle receives various reports from both individuals and companies that monitor and track spam.  WebMyStyle will investigate any notification of such activity.  If you use email lists to send email to groups of people, please make every effort to ensure that all email's in your list are legitimate, and that each person in the list wants your email.

If you have any questions or concerns relating to our Spam or other policies, please click here to return to the contact page.

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