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Billing Policy

WebMyStyle uses an billing system that is primarily automated.  The only manual billing performed is when an account has gone into suspension or if a customer needs special attention.  Because of this setup, it is important to understand how this system works, and how it might effect your web site and email.

Billings are performed once a cycle for each web site.  Each web site can be setup to be billed once a month, once a quarter or once a year.  Quarterly and Annual plans provide a discount for that web site.  Any customer with multiple web sites, may have separate billing days for each web site.  If you would like to consolidate those into a single billing date, please contact customer service.

Web sites can be billed outside their normal billing date if there are fees or other expenses that are not covered by your plan.  An example of this would be a customer that is on an Annual billing plan that goes over their disk space each month.  Fees can be accrued for the following reasons:
Disk usage over your plan
Bandwidth over your plan
Additional email addresses over your plan
Additional domain names pointing to your web site
Fees such as these are done each month, irregardless of the billing plan your web site is on.  To avoid fees such as these, make sure your web site is using a plan with enough disk space, bandwidth and email addresses.

Every billing cycle, a web site is billed based on the plan or features it has.  This billing will take place 7-10 days before the actual due date of the billing cycle.  This is done to help catch issues such as expired credit cards, incorrect billing information or other problems that could result in your web site being deactivated.  If a billing fails, you will be notified by email.  The email address used to notify you is under Contact Info in your control panel.

If a billing fails, the system will attempt to charge your credit card 4 times in 10-12 days.  If the billing is successful in that time, your site will not be interrupted.  If the billing fails a 4th time, your site and web email will be deactivated.  If your account is not made current within 30 days, the web site and email will be removed from our servers.

If you have any questions or concerns relating to our Billing or other policies, please click here to return to the contact page.

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